Linkin Park – Meteora (20th Anniversary Edition 4LP Deluxe Vinyl Box Set)

Label: Warner Records, Machine Shop Recordings – 093624880981
Format: Box Set, Deluxe Edition, 20th Anniversary
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue
2 x Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Country: Worldwide
Released: Apr 7, 2023
Genre: Rock
Style: Nu Metal

Record One: Meteora
A1 Foreword
A2 Don't Stay
A3 Somewhere I Belong
A4 Lying From You
A5 Hit The Floor
A6 Easier To Run
A7 Faint
B1 Figure.09
B2 Breaking The Habit
B3 From The Inside
B4 Nobody's Listening
B5 Session
B6 Numb
Records Two & Three: LPU Rarities 2.0
C1 A.06
C2 Pretty Birdy (Somewhere I Belong 2002 Demo)
C3 Sold My Soul To Yo Mama
C4 Standing In The Middle
D1 Program (Meteora Demo)
D2 Faint (Demo)
D3 Figure.09 (Demo 2022)
D4 Drawing (Breaking The Habit Demo 2002)
D5 Cumulus (2002 Demo)
E1 A-Six (Original Long Version)
E2 Soundtrack (Meteora Demo)
E3 Broken Foot (Meteora Demo)
E4 Ominous (Meteora Demo)
E5 Unfortunate (Unreleased Demo 2002)
F1 Pepper (Meteora Demo)
F2 Breaking The Habit (Original Mike 2002 Demo)
F3 Halo (Unreleased Demo 2002)
F4 Rhinocerous (2002 Demo)3:35
F5 Attached (2003 Demo)
Record Four: Live Rarities 2003-2004
G1 Lying From You (Live LPU Tour 2003)
G2 From The Inside (Live LPU Tour 2003)
G3 Easier To Run (Live LPU Tour 2003)
G4 Step Up (Live Projekt Revolution 2002)
G5 My December (Live Projekt Revolution 2002)
H1 Crawling (Live Reading Festival 2003)
H2 Breaking The Habit (Live Rock Am Ring 2004)
H3 Step Up/Nobody's Listening/It's Goin' Down (Live)
H4 Wish (Live Projekt Revolution 2004)
H5 One Step Closer featuring Jonathan Davis (Live Projekt Revolution 2004)
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